CIBF Battery Exhibition is well on-going
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On May 16, 2023, the 15th China International Battery Fair (CIBF), sponsored by China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, was opened in Shenzhen. This CIBF has attracted more than 2500 enterprises from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. Hynn bring the solutions of lithium cell finishing formation & aging line and energy storage system supporting solutions to share and exchange the latest developments in the industry with global customers.

Visitors to the exhibition site are in an endless stream, crowded and lively. Hynn staff communicate fluently with customers from all over the world and talk about the future development of new energy intelligent equipment.

Chairman and General Manager of Hynn, together with senior directors discuss and exchange with customers

At present, the exhibition is in full swing, Hynn welcome friends from all over the world to communicate, and look forward to working with you to create a low-carbon clean future!