MES system
The MES System of HYNN can quickly and effectively realize real-time tracking and monitoring of production sites through the system's refined production scheduling, implementing production process monitoring, process route based production schedule management, and real-time information collection, analysis and feedback functions. It effectively solves the core issues in site management, and increases support for the site, thus creating a reliable manufacturing execution management system for the enterprise.

System advantages

1. It can realize a real time and simultaneous tracking and monitoring of the information of production order status and site.

2. It can achieve information collection and feedback timely so that production overstock won't happen. It can realize a transparent site production plan and performance management.

3. It allows a process route based production schedule management.

4. It can monitor the running status of manufacturing equipment in real time, and find equipment failure timely.

5. It provides the refined production of the system, which is low in error rate and high in efficiency.

System structure

System functions