WMS system
WMS system can well record the information of product storage and delivery and allows query of the occupation status of each warehouse area and location in real time. Besides, it can review and print various warehouse-in and warehouse-out receipts to facilitate the warehouse staff to master the warehouse inventory in real time. The system also allows multi - user management, and the setting of management authority for each user group.
System advantages
1. It allows query of the use status of the storage location, the record of product's storage and delivery, and occupancy of the inventory in real time, making it convenient to conduct tracking and management of products.
2. It can generate the warehouse data automatically, update the storage and delivery as well as inventory information immediately, thereby reducing error rate, time and labor cost.
3. Through the inventory, the data information concerning the actual inventory and book inventory can be accessible.
4. It is permitted to add and delete the system operator account. The powerful privilege control can limit the user's right to use the function in the system.

5. It is allowed to print and export the data information generated in the system in real time. 

System structure